About Us

About us


Our Story

All the big things Starts with an Idea!

Yes! That’s become an Universal Truth. Working in the field of Web Development as Freelancer since long, we have Developed an Idea to Start our very own Company. So, here is our Product! We have learned the core of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing during our Freelancer Period. So now we can give you best service. Technology is in our Blood. It’s running throughout our vain. We are very passionate about it. Learning and Education is life long process. We are all learning, by doing. That’s all.

Why we are different ?

Yes, we are different from the rest! We believe that if anyone want to become successful, must be a Passionate about what he or she is doing. As mentioned before we are very passionate about Technology and related work. So, we believe that we are different and can make Difference!

Our Goal

As a Digital Marketing Agency our prime objective is to help business to Grow Digitally and Online. Increasing online presence of the Businesses to achieve their great success is our wish and objective. That’s why our Tag Line is “Let’s Grow Together.” We want to Grow with the Businesses Together!

Super Efficient

We are highly Efficient in work as Specified.

Deeply Commited

We are committed to our work like anything else. Committed to deliver projects under specific time period.

Highly Skilled

We have learned everything by doing. We also have been trained under super expert International and Indian Mentors. We are here only for Grace of God and our Mentors.

Pratip Bhaumik

Pratip Bhaumik

Founder & ceo, marketing and product head

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