Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why I choose your Agency? As there are lots of agencies out there. 

Answer: Choosing our Agency for your Digital Marketing purpose is Completely upon you. We respect your decision. After all, it’s about investment. But one thing we can say that we will try our best to give you the highest ROI that is Return on Investment. It’s a promise. We have vast experience in this field as we have been working as Freelancer for the last 5 + years. Our Rate is much Cheaper than other Agencies out there. Now everything is up to you.

2. What I will do if I pay for any service and don't get Anything?

Answer: We will never ask you to make complete payment for a service like Web Designing, Social Media Marketing. Talk on WhatsApp with us to make it clear and comfortable. We have a permanent office address and location (Not a virtual Office). You may come to our office and talk to us. You can Trust us Completely.

3. What if Somebody Call me in your name and asks for money?

Answer: We will never call you directly before talking on WhatsApp or Mail. We will ask for your Comfortable time before any Phone Call, on WhatsApp chat or Mail. Moreover, we will never ask you for money directly without any prior Talk. Our WhatsApp and Phone Call number are the same. Don’t Response to any other number rather than our official number. Get it Here!

4. I Don't like Spammy Emails, Phone Calls, or Messages. What should I do?

Answer: We will not spam you. It’s a Promise. If you have contacted us watching our ad on any social media or somewhere else, you are therefore giving consent that, we can contact you back. It’s very natural that a marketing company sends you normal promotional, feature or service messages at a decent regular interval. It will help us to serve you better. But still, if you have any questions you can contact us or Unsubscribe from our mail list.

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